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Spear Skiffs are proudly made in Florida's Forgotten Coast. Every skiff is hand-laid-up and built by Harry Spear. 

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The Evergladez skiff built by Spear boatworks is truly the only no compromise skiff I’ve ever been in. I’ve been in them all and even tried to build my own. Harry has a lifetime of experience fishing, running skiffs, and a supernatural feel for what works. Nothing even comes close to its ability to get canoe shallow, ride comfortably in a chop and stay dry. It’s fast and efficient weather running or being poled. It’s strong, sound , and lighter than anything else you can buy without all the smoke and mirrors of fancy materials and huge price tags. I am a full time fishing guide and I excel in every way due to this skiff and never feel beat up at the end of the day.

Captain Brian Esposito

When I got my captain’s license in 1995, there were only a few great poling skiffs on the market.  Over the years, I’ve been able to own and guide out of five amazing poling skiffs made by five different boat manufacturers.  As hull design and construction materials changed, each skiff excelled in some aspect, but there were some things I didn’t like.  Two years ago, I searched again for the perfect poling skiff for my home waters.  I needed ultra shallow draft, quiet and effortless poling, stability, the ability to fish two clients, have a soft/safe ride and have top speed over 35 mph.  That’s sounds like an impossible list, but I can honestly say that the Evergladez model custom made for me by Harry Spear does all those things extremely well-- in one package.  The man knows how to build an amazing fishing skiff!   It doesn’t have a bunch of fancy hatches, but it is the BEST poling and fishing skiff I have ever owned.  I’ve had three other seasoned fly fishing guides pole and fish out of my Evergladez and they all were amazed with the effortless poling, crazy shallow draft and fishability.  Check one out and you decide.

Captain Warren Hinrichs, Jr.

If I had to sum up my experience with the skiff you built for me in one word, the word is grateful. Why grateful? Because there really isn’t anywhere to go to have a fishing tool as powerful as this built. The production companies do build some great boats, but over the years they have added more and more bulk to their builds, getting away from their roots. In spite of all the claims of space age, lightweight materials, the result is heavy boats that won’t get as shallow or pole as easily and effortlessly. My Spear is a mind blower. It does all of those things so much better, all while running fast and keeping me and my anglers dry and comfortable. That’s why I’m having you build me a second skiff! The word is grateful. Thank you, Harry, for the unique opportunity to own a skiff that has opened up so many new experiences for me and my clients.

Captain Ryan McFarland

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