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Steve Huff, Rick Ruoff, Harry Spear

The Spear Boatworks Story

In the early 1970s, after an attempt to become a professional jazz guitarist, Harry Spear hitch-hiked his way to the Florida Keys. At the time, the waters were pristine, the fishing was unbelievable, and innovation was at its height. 

Harry cut his hair, got a job as a mate, and began to save up his money to venture out on his own. Once Harry was able, he purchased a skiff, and began his career as a salt water flats guide. This career would span nearly four decades, with 7,500+ days on the water. During those years Harry met some incredible people, built friendships with some of the greats, and learned a lot about life, fishing, and what truly makes a skiff great.

PHOTO: Steve Huff, Rick Ruoff, Harry Spear

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Over those four decades Harry racked up 40+ major tournament wins, making a name for himself in saltwater flats fishing.

In 1978 Harry built his first skiff that would lead to a long ongoing process of refinement.

After 42 years of boatbuilding, Harry still carries the same care, innovation, and dedication to building incredible skiffs.

Harry is an artisan, and with all of his experience on the water, Harry has learned what is important.

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Every skiff is hand laid up and designed to be strong, dry running, with good speed, and require minimum horse power.

These designs allow each boat to be light weight, float shallow, while remaining quite, and easy to poll. 

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